11th December 2011
My beautiful little boy Hotfuzz Zoomer at the Spoticat Show - his first - he took it all in his stride and achieved 6 finals over the weekend! I am soooooo proud of him :). We had a very enjoyable time at the show with lots of good company & laughs.

News : 5th November 2011
Fleurie & Cobweb are looking for their forever homes - they could go together as they live together. Nominal price. See queens page. New photos to follow.

Angelo has now retired and is looking for his forever home. See studs page for further photos/details.

News: 24th June 2011
Our spring kittens have started going to their lovely new homes. Hoping they all settle in quickly! Looking forward to photos & progress reports.

News: 29th April 2011
The kittens are growing fast & on the move!! - some are now reserved. See babies page for photos & availability.

News: 29th March 2011
Cobweb beat Lily to being the first mum to have her babies in 2011. Lily kept me waiting! Both mums are being attentive to their babies. Fleurie had her kittens last night and had a bit of a rough time. She is now tucked up with her kittens.

News: 10th March 2011
Babies due very soon - so excited! Lily has a nice rounded tum - her babies should be here in the next few days.
Cobweb is also due in about 2 weeks!

News: 20th February 2011
Jake gained another final at the Naturallytica Show on Saturday at Elsecar with Clint knapp. He is still rather shy so doesn't show himself to his best advantage!

NEWS: 6th February 2011
Jake (Junglefire New Moon of Hotfuzz) came home from The Cattica Show at Newbury a Tica Champion! He was placed in all rings over the 2 days for colour and finalled with Lynne Sherer in ring 1 on Sunday as her 10th Best All Breed cat out of 54 cats - well done Jake! - and thank you to Lynne Sherer for finalling him. He was a little shy again, but gained confidence over the weekend. well done Jake!

Jake at Cattica Show Feb 5/6 2011

Updated 5th January 2011
Next kittens available will be in Spring 2011. I will post details once I have any news so please keep visiting for updates!

All Lily's kittens have now gone to their lovely new homes & I can report they are settling in beautifully! I have put some photos on the gallery page & will post more as I receive them.

Our new potential stud boy JUNGLEFIRE NEW MOON has arrived! Photos on studs page!

New Moon aka Jake attended the NaturallyTica Show at Elsecar on 13th & 14th November. He awas a little shy, but was more relaxed on the Sunday. He got 2 x BOC, 4 x 2BOC, 2 x 4BOC, 2 x5BOC, 2 x BOD, 3 x 2BOD, 1 x 3BOD, 2 x BOB, 3 x 3BOB. Jake finalled twice as 4th Allbreed Best kitten with Robin Sessler and 6th Allbreed Best kitten with Michael Hammond. well done Jake!

Oriana attended the NaturallyTica Show at Elsecar on 13th & 14th November. She got 1 x BOC, 1 x 2BOC, 1 x 4BOC, 5 x 5BOC, 1x BOd, 1 x 2BOD, 1 x 2BOB, 1 x 3BOB and finalled as 8th best Allbreed kitten with Electra Hammond. Well done Oriana!

Our new girl TOWANREEF ORIANA did well to get 8th Best Kitten out of 28 bengal kittens in the Bengal Kitten Congress at the BCCGB Show at Stoneleigh on Saturday 2nd October . There was a very strong entry of beautiful kittens. Well done Oriana!

ORIANA had a good day at the Cattica Show at Newbury on30th October. She got 3 x 2nd BOC, 3 x 4th BOC, 3 x 2nd BOD, 1 x 2nd Best Bengal kitten & 2 x 3rd Best Bengal kitten. WELL DONE Oriana!



Hotfuzz Gypsy Moth did well at TickedTica Show in Swanley on Saturday 21st March 2009, against a strong male bengal entry.

She was awarded 3 x 5th BOC, 1 x 3rd BOC, 1 x 3rd BOD, 1 x 3rd BOB

and finalled with Irene van Belzen (SP) as her 10th Best Cat.



Hotfuzz Gypsy became a TICA Champion at the Cattica Show in Slough on 14th & 15th February 2009.

Over the weekend she was awarded:

1 x 2nd BOC, 3 x 3rd BOC, 4 x 4th BOC, 2 x 5th BOC, 1 x 2nd BOD, 3 x 3rd BOD, 1 x 2nd BOB, 1 x 3rd BOB

and finalled with Elaine Hawksworth-weitz (AB) as her 6th Best Cat.

She was up against very strong competition from a lot of stunning male bengals and so did really well!

Mistletoe gained 3 x 2nd BOC, 7 x 3rd BOC, 2 x 4th BOC, 1 x 2nd BOD, 3 x 3rd BOD.


Magic enjoying the snow!

magic snow


4th October 2008: The Bengal Cat Club of Great Britain Oct-O-Pussy Show

telford show


4th October 2008: The Bengal Cat Club of Great Britain Oct-O-Pussy Show

Both Gypsy and Magic were entered into the show on the Saturday. Gypsy did amazingly well gaining:
1st best kitten (BoB) with Jay Bangle in the speciality kitten final out of 40 kittens entered.
1st best kitten (BoB) with Yukimasa Hattori in the all breed kitten final out of 46 kittens entered.
She gained fourth best of colour with Susan Lee and fifth best of colour with Kurt Vlach.
1st in the bengal kitten congress out of 32 bengal kittens entered.

Magic behaved impeccably and gained 2nd best of colour, 2nd best of breed and 5th best kitten with Bill Lee in the all breed kitten final.


Latest News - 13th September 2008

Owlsdene Hotfuzz Stargazer (Lily) enjoyed a red card day at the Wyvern Cat Club Show on the 13th September! She came first in her Open Class and won Best of Breed as well as coming first in her side classes. Well done Lily!

lily show

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